Posted by: ladybughugs | April 6, 2009

Tales from the Bingo Ward, part April

There are just some things you can’t make up. Many of them happen in the Bingo ward.

Tonight we had one old guy come in fussin’ and fumin’ because he had trouble finding a place to park.

Him: Really, it’s all those people going to church who are taking up parking places. They have their nerve!

Um, yeah, because the last thing you’d expect to find in the church parking lot at a Palm Sunday Mass is a bunch of cars. The guy next to me and I had a good laugh over that one.

Right behind him in line was a newbie. Someone who hadn’t been there in for a while, if ever, and had that lost look about her, like: where do I start.

So I gave her the usual introduction: “this is the admission form (four boards per game), $2, it’s the only thing you have to purchase. This packet has all the regular games (six boards per game), it’s $3. This packet also has all the regular games (24 boards per game), $10. She dismissed the big one with a, ‘that’s insane.’

Me: yeah, well there’s a lot of that going around here.

Later we had a drawing for a free admission and some instant pull-tab games. The caller pulled a ticket and read off the number: 698960. We had a bunch of hands go up around the room so I started going from hand to hand checking tickets. Nope, that’s upside down, next… Nope, that’s upside down, next… I must have checked about six different tickets and finally thought to check the stub the caller was holding. Yep, he’d read it upside down, too! We couldn’t look at each other the rest of the night, because we cracked up every time we did.

Last month we had one player ask one of our workers to take her shoes off. The noise her shoes were making as she walked the room was too much of a distraction.

Tales from the Bingo Ward may be coming to end here. There’s a rumor in the air (in the very windy air…today) that they might give up bingo in favor of something less time consuming and more profitable. Apparently, the numbers that have been reported as bingo income have been overstated. Some coordinators, apparently, have been giving figures that didn’t include some or all of the expenses.

There is a ‘town hall’ style meeting on the 21st where we all get to bring our opinions, concerns, etc. to the table. I think a vast majority of the parents would like to see Bingo go away. I think the others would be foolish to admit otherwise and argue for it to stay. We’ve had a couple of school closings/mergers in the area from which we should get an increase in enrollment. Some of the families are opting for a school where the tuition is more than twice as what we’re charged just to avoid working Bingo. If the numbers bear out, the tuition of just six or seven more students would cover the income we’d lose by canceling Bingo.


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