Posted by: ladybughugs | April 8, 2009

Need Good News

The past month has been a whirlwind of bad news following bad news. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of winter and the cold. I really need some good news here, folks. Please, someone give me something I can work with, even if it means living vicariously through you.

It started with the death of or beloved ‘other mother’ as reported here.

A couple of Three other people, at the same time, told me about someone in their close circle also passing. I remember it was three, although I don’t remember exactly who told me, because I remember thinking, ‘wait, aren’t these things supposed to happen in threes!’

Then last week I heard that the boss, and close friend, of a friend passed away.

Then earlier this week the same friend lost her grandmother.

Also this week, another friend, traveling in Italy with her son and some of his classmates were unaccounted for after the earthquake. According to her husband they were close to the affected area. I don’t know how close. I haven’t spoken to her. I don’t think she’s home, yet. Can’t wait to hear her story, but still, very worried for a couple of hours. Her husband had grown increasing frantic over the course of the day and was beginning to make me worry.

Now today, H informed me that one of his music buddies lost his wife in the shooting in Binghamton on Friday.

This morning, even before the news from H, I found myself crying at nothing. A song on the radio. A call to my niece to wish her a happy birthday. Fortunately, I got her voice mail so I was able to keep it short.

I need chocolate. and wine.

Edited to add: Now, aren’t you glad I’ve stepped away from the keyboard for the past month?


  1. hi ladybughugs, sorry to hear about your struggles. i found your site this morning by searching “need good news” and feel a little selfish writing you, because i’m partially promoting my website.

    i started a website in february that only deals in “wholesome headlines” and want to encourage you to try it. its helped me to see that there is good in the world and that hope still exists. Last year, i could have used a site like this because i lost my brother to drugs and alcohol and then a cousin to a falling tree.

    i’d love it if you’d visit the site, but i’d love it more if you find encouragement from it. Good luck and I’ll pray for you after i send this.

    funny how things happen, eh? your search brought you here at just the right time. I’ll be by soon. ~lbh

  2. how did the rest of yesterday go?

    thanks for asking. keeping busy at work. going through the motions, doing what needs to be done. so happy it’s Friday. GOOD Friday (which, they’re all better than the rest, but this one is special). ~lbh

  3. you wrote this post on Beaner’s birthday. She’s 14 now!!!

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