Posted by: ladybughugs | April 17, 2009

It’s All About McD’s

On Saturday I was in the mall with Lil’bug picking up some last minute things before Easter. I needed something to put in her hair to match her navy and white dress, so we hit Claire’s and scored a pretty white bow on a French clip, woohoo!

I wasn’t done; she was, so I distracted her with a stop at McD’s. I ordered our food, filled my drink cup at the fountain, found a seat, and we sat down to eat.

Shortly after starting our meal a couple of older boys (late teens, early 20s) came in with a tray that was towering with food and sat down across the aisle from me. The tray had at least four cheeseburgers (wrapped in paper), at least two large sandwiches (in cardboard boxes), a huge pile of fries (I couldn’t tell how many large servings there were), and a couple of large drinks. My future passed before my eyes. Before too long I know Scout will be eating this quantity of food. ‘It’s before noon!’ and ‘Doesn’t their mother feed them!’ were a couple of thoughts running through my head. Then their dad came in and joined them. But still, that’s a LOT of food for three people!

Lil’bug doesn’t do too badly on her meals already. She ate an entire double cheeseburger in less time than it took me to eat my Southern Style Chicken.

When we finished eating I still had ground to cover so I refilled my soda, put her in the stroller and we were off. I need an immersion blender, mine died this week, so for laughs, I checked Macy’s. They have them, but no, I’m not spending that!

A friend of mine had foaming hand soap from Bath & Body Works in her bathroom on a visit there recently so I wanted to check it out. While trying to decide which ‘flavor’ I wanted among the gazillion choices, Lil’bug announced that she had spilled my soda. in her lap. and it was still gushing out the straw hole at the top. because she hadn’t picked it up after it toppled over. wonderful.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depends on how you look at it), it had only spilled on her and the seat of the stroller. But, even though four ounces doesn’t look or sound like a lot, it is a lot when you have that much soaked into the child’s pants, underwear, and stroller seat. It’s a lot for the cheap paper towels they had on hand behind the counter, to soak it up. I did what I could, paid for the hand soap and made a hasty exit.

My next stop was to be the supermarket. A supermarket with which I’m not all that familiar (meaning I don’t know where the bathrooms are), so I had the foresight to suggest to Lil’bug using the nice, newly renovated restrooms at the mall. We could also try to dry her pants a little better with the paper towels they have there. She agreed. Once in there I sat her on the toilet to take care of her business while I took her pants. Then I saw the XLERATOR hand dryer (yes, that’s the way they spell it, whatever). Lil’bug hates them; they make way too much noise. She will use the kinder, gentler, quieter models…sometimes. At McD’s she’ll leave the restroom with wet hands. She stands clear of the XLERATORs. She sat and waited for me the entire time I needed to get her clothing (mostly) dry, disrupted of course, by a steady stream of women wanting to use the hand dryer for it’s intended, more traditional, use. She did like that it dried her pants and underwear so quickly and, because her pants were dry, she was able to play in the kiddie play area in the mall (sponsored by the hospital where she was born). There have not been enough nice days ’round these parts for serious playground time and she’s itchin’ to get out there and Saturday morning was rainy and cold and windy and generally miserable.

Hmmm… maybe I should take ALL my laundry there to dry (ha, kidding, halfway, my dryer is lousy, must be replaced…soon).

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