Posted by: ladybughugs | May 27, 2009

Things Heard from the Back Seat

Sometimes I think it will never end. Then I remember and worry about the day it does.

Lil’bug: When I’m big like a mommy/grown-up … (insert whatever she just saw).

…I can have a pocketbook like that. …I can drive. …I can pay the lady at the window.

Every other sentence these days starts, ‘When I’m big like a mommy/grown-up…’.

~~* * *~~

Lil’bug (upon being picked up at preschool): Where are we going?
Me: Home.
Me: Where do you want to go?
Me: Stop that noise. Lil’bug, where. do. you. want. to. go?
Lil’bug: McDonald’s
Me: We’re not going to McDonald’s, Daddy and Scout are waiting for us to come home and make dinner.
Insert more wailing and whining (about 10 or so minutes worth).
Lil’bug: Why are we going home?
Me: Because that’s where we live (and that’s where the wine is).

She will go on like that for about 10-15 minutes, or more. Every day when I pick her up from preschool she wants to go some place other than where we’re going. When I need to stop at the supermarket she doesn’t want to. When I don’t need to stop at the supermarket, am tired, and just wishing I was home already with dinner made, served, eaten, cleaned-up after, and my feet up…she wants to stop. She prefers everything to going home. Home is boring. Home means the end of the day, time for pajamas, you’re done.

~~* * *~~

On the way home the other night I saw a little traffic up ahead so I took another route to avoid it:

Lil’bug: Where are we going?
Me: Home.
Lil’bug: Oh, what’s this way?
Me: A different way.

She notices every little deviation and comments on it.

We passed a small lake/pond. Circled around it. On the other side was a Canada Goose with her offspring, which I pointed out to my back seat driver (as if that was really necessary).

You’re a good driver, Mommy!
Thanks, Lil’bug.

I get that a lot from her.

~~* * *~~

Recently on a trip to visit family I bought her something to eat at a drive through, which she promptly polished off. The rule at preschool is that nap time follows lunch time and I try to adhere to that schedule over the weekend as much as possible. So I told her we’d be driving for a while and now would be a good time to close her eyes and take a little nap. She said she wasn’t tired. She fussed and fumed a little. Less than ten minutes later she was asleep. It happens every most times. This time was no different. After she was asleep I stopped at the drive through of my most favoritest Starbucks ever. It’s all about the drive through. Almost no lines, almost no wait, and certainly no hassle with car seat restraints and small children running back and forth and doing her best impression of pole dancing on the supports for the line former (what is that thing called?). I ordered my iced coffee and was back on the highway quickly. About 45 minutes later, Lil’bug woke up. It took her a while to assess her surroundings and come back to full consciousness. Then: “Hey, Mommy, what’s that coffee? Did you go to Storebooks?”

Me: (Slurp) O, hai! Who, me? What’s that? Oh, this? Drive through, babe! Just like your burger!

~~* * *~~

She likes when I sing along to the radio while we’re driving. Even if what we’re listening to is instrumental, she wants me to sing. It’s taken some work but I’m finally getting her to understand that I can’t sing everything all the time. Still she asks.

I’m getting less and less quiet time when driving now. She makes noise constantly. Most of the time it’s intelligible, others? not so much. Sometimes she just babbles. She loves pointing out letters she sees on signs along the road or the colors of cars and trucks driving along with us. This might keep her occupied for five minutes or fifty.

Over the weekend she started counting motorcycles. Then we turned it into a math game:

Lil’bug: There’s two motorcycles!
Me: Ok, so how many have we seen all together? We saw four before, plus these two, how many is that all together. Sometimes she got the answer correct, sometimes not. It kept her occupied. We’ll have to keep playing the counting/math game.


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