Posted by: ladybughugs | June 1, 2009

Big, and yet, not.

The kids are getting big. TOO big! Then I’m reminded that they’re still kinda’ small.

For example, when Scout started cub scouts I thought he was so small next to the second year Webelos. Then he was a second year Webelo and he looked so gigantic next to the new Tiger cubs and the Tiger cubs look so small and it was hard remembering when he was as small as they are! Now he’s in boy scouts and he’s small next to the older scouts, it’s hard to imagine that in just a few short years he’ll be that big!

It’s not helping that he’s playing on a Little League Majors team. All of his teammates are a year or two older than he. About half the team is 12 and will be graduating out at the end of this season.

Many pictures after the break. Would not recommend proceeding unless your service can handle it!


In the parade shot he’s in jeans, second in line behind the flag bearer (oh I wish he didn’t put his hands in his pockets! I get so nervous!). (They tell them not to buy the official pants until they get through the next growth spurt. Hence the jeans. So yeah, they know!) The younger scouts are in the front of the line, the older ones are towards the back, which makes them seem not as big as they really are.


Here he is with his baseball team. He’s in front. I know the two behind him are up hill, but trust me, they’re much bigger than he.

Someone would like the attention back where it belongs. thank-you-very-much.

Someone would like the attention back where it belongs. thank-you-very-much.

I would like to say that they’re making kids smaller than they used to, but I know that’s just silly. I look at the kindergartners and first graders at Scout’s school and it seems that some of them aren’t much bigger than Lil’bug.

Now I see Lil’bug next to the infants in her daycare and don’t remember her being that small! And then see her next to the kindergarteners that will be graduating out and can’t believe she’ll be that big so soon! Why are the kindergartners in her school soooo big and the ones at Scout’s school soooo small?

We’re considering a full-day pre-K/4 program for her starting in September at Scout’s school. It’s pushing things a little, but she’s got the alphabet down cold, knows the sounds of all the letters, knows shapes, colors, shades (dark/light) and is starting to spell some simple three-letter words. The other night on the way home she spelled her name aloud and she’s starting to write it! I feel that if I don’t push things a little I might be holding her back from what she’s capable of and if we don’t try we won’t know.


When we first got to the playground she had trouble getting up this ladder (her footwear choice didn’t help, I’m sure). She was trying to climb with her hands on the foot rungs. Here she’s mastered it and is very proud.


We killed time while waiting for the parade. I think I might not go anywhere without bubbles ever again!


When did you get to be so big? and why are you still sleeping in my bed? and are you and your brother muddling my brain on purpose?


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