Posted by: ladybughugs | June 2, 2009


The weather last month? just ugh! And because it’s been cold, and rainy, and overcast, and wet we haven’t had much time to enjoy the warmer temps usually associated with SPRING! and MAY! It felt more like April, which felt more like March. ugh!

So, after church on Sunday our first stop was the PLAYGROUND! (Ok, so actually it was Starbucks so I could enjoy an iced coffee while the kids enjoyed PLAYING! OUTSIDE! TOGETHER!) Over the cold weather months our first stop after church was the McDonald’s near us with the PlayPlace. They get to eat and then play…and expend some pent up energy. Then we go home and take a nap. Nap after lunch is Lil’bug’s preschool routine and we try to respect the routine on the weekends. It also gives me a break to do laundry, or go grocery shopping, or get a haircut, or sit and do nothing…without ‘help.’

They had a great time in the fresh air and sunshine. At first Lil’bug didn’t know where to start.


And yes, when I dressed her she was wearing much more sensible shoes for playing. When I was getting myself ready she decided these matched better and changed them. It went unnoticed until we arrived at the playground.

Scout found some big kid equipment…


Which, of course, Lil’bug had to try…


The tire swing was too hot for her bare legs, so Scout let her sit on his lap…


They found the little kid version of the sliding bar thingie…


…and when she got to the end the bump made her fall off and she landed on her butt. Surprise!

And the slide made her skirt fly up (and I got a great shot of her underwear, which will not be shown here) and her shoes fall off. Her big brother carried her over the wood chips to safety where he helped her put them back on.


That, of course, was neither the first or the last time that happened.

Then they tried the slide again…


…with somewhat better results.

He’s ready to go…


…and of course, she wasn’t…


This is the downside to having two that are so different in age. He was hungry, she was hungry for fresh air and sunshine and play. The ice cream truck pulled up and he wanted ice cream. If I bought for him I would’ve had to buy for her. I KNOW he’d eat his lunch after ice cream and I KNOW she wouldn’t. So no. …and my coffee was gone, so it was time to go.

Let’s go Lil’bug!


  1. OMG! He’s such a little Man!!! Wow! He’s grown since we were there in March!!!

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