Posted by: ladybughugs | June 4, 2009


Because you all are probably not following me on Twitter or Facebook. No pictures today, so if that’s what you’re here for, move along now.

the girl is asleep in her bed (in. her. room!) again! off to catch a couple winks before she invades my bed. tomorrow am? the boy’s recital. May 29 at 10:26pm · via Twitter

thinks the girl’s leftover Costco berry smoothie + rum is officially the. best. thing. evah! May 31 at 7:04pm · via Twitter

is wondering how to regain the two steps back we took on night time sleep arrangements. Mon 4:36pm

thinks this is cool; wondering if it’s the best use of taxpayer $$$.
Tue 9:51am · via Twitter

the girl slept in her own bed (in. her. own. room!) until 5:45 this morning! two steps forward! woohoo!
Tue 11:06am · via Twitter

we’re going for two in a row tonight. she’s asleep in her bed, in her room. I am going to enjoy ALL of my side of the bed.
Tue 11:33pm · via Twitter

is celebrating two in a row! even a loud clap of thunder didn’t bring her into bed with us! woohoo!
Yesterday at 8:48am · via Twitter

has heard the boy is being considered to represent the 10-yo National League Williamsport All-Star team this summer. is. so. proud. of. him!
Yesterday at 10:01am · via Twitter

10,000 Bees Swarm Wing Of Plane – Local News Story – WCVB Boston
BEVERLY, Mass. — A gang of honeybees created a rare sight Sunday at Beverly Airport. Wednesday, June 3, 2009.
Yesterday at 12:53pm

just secured two tickets Yanks v Mariners for H and the boy on 7/2. bleachers, sect 405, $12 each. woohoo! now, what will the girl and I do?
Yesterday at 2:07pm · via Twitter

the girl is going for three in a row. she actually told me she wanted to go to bed and to come tuck her in.
Yesterday at 12:09am · via Twitter

woohoo! 8:00-6:30 in her own bed! three in a row, baby! off to scour craigslist for a new bedroom set for the little miss.
Yesterday at 35 minutes ago · via Twitter

the office moving day. is defrosting freezer section of cube refrigerator. is thinking what they’re asking for bedroom furniture on craigslist is more than I want to spend for furniture I don’t even like. is looking at IKEA bedrooms (they have storage solutions). is thinking I might need help shopping. is thinking maybe I should clean out the girls bedroom before bringing more furniture in.
(not posted [yet] on twitter/facebook…you heard it here first!)

would ordinarily include a picture of some kind here, but the files are on my portable hard drive and they’re coming to move my computer soon and the less I have to do when they get here, the better. oh! and someone scheduled a meeting for the same time as my move! after this person asked me what time my move was scheduled!

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