Posted by: ladybughugs | June 30, 2009

Another Summer Friday!

Last year I chronicled one of my Summer Fridays, bullet style. For some reason it continues to attract a lot of attention. Go figure. I love the summer Fridays that I get to spend with my kids doing stuff that we ordinarily might not do. Here’s the latest example:

  • Met a few of Scout’s classmates, a couple of their siblings, and a couple of moms for a 10:15 showing of UP. There were ten of us, all together. Lil’bug was great. She sat through it much better than our last attempt at viewing a movie (Beverly Hills Chihuahua), in October, and a little better than her first movie experience, Wall-E, last June. Squirrel? (If you don’t get it, you need to go see the movie.) Before we even entered the theater, they evacuated the building. The fire alarm went off. It went off at least two other times while we were sitting, watching the movie. They gave us comp tickets to return at a later date, sweet! You know, I should have paid for Lil’bug’s seat, that would’ve made three comp tickets. 10:15 showing = $6, instead of what? $9? $10? Oh well.
  • After the movie the entire group went over the pizzeria for lunch. One of the dads had dropped off his daughter to watch the movie with us and planned to meet us back at the restaurant at 12:30. Well, we got there at, oh,… 12:25 (after waiting on line for our comp tickets). He called at about 1:30 to ask about our status. Turns out he texted me at 12:30-ish, but me? I don’t text. So no, I didn’t get the message, and he sat out in the parking lot for an hour. Ooops! Oh, look! A comp ticket!
  • After lunch the group separated. Lil’bug started on about a lollipop that one of the girls had promised, but they went their direction and we’d gone ours. It was too late to go back…for a lollipop! We’ll find another lollipop, Lil’bug, I promise.
  • I signed Scout up for four weeks of sports camp at a local community college. Good thing. Camp started on Monday, and no Registrar and Bursar would not be open on Saturday and Sunday. Now or never! It felt good to get that taken care of. He’ll be tuckered at the end of the day, just in time for baseball practice, HAHA! This week it’s tennis; week four is golf clinic; week five: tennis, again; week six: basketball. Weeks two and three will be spent at another school’s basketball camp, set up by his school’s basketball coach and at Boy Scout sleep-away camp. (Note to basketball and baseball coaches: Scout will not soon be quitting the b’balls for tennis. Just sayin’.) This takes him through the week of August 2nd. August is not fully covered. We’ll burn that bridge when we come to it, though my aunt has volunteered to take him at Camp Treasure Quest. Post on his almost-three days at Camp Treasure Quest to come. Remind me. I’m still having nightmares about socks.
  • After signing him up for camp we hauled ourselves down to Paramus to The Container Store (LOVE this place) for a trunk for Scout to take to Boy Scout sleep-away camp. Boy, trunks have come a long way since I went to sleep-away camp. I also bought another laundry sorter.
  • Lil’bug was still going on about the lollipop, so I suggest we check out the Starbucks next door to see if they had any lollipops. Nope, but I scored myself a Grande Iced Coffee with Milk and Mocha Syrup, thankyouverymuch. We got back in the van and tried to get back to where we needed to go and found Trader Joe’s, almost right next door, though I can’t be sure because we went out the back of one parking lot an in the back of another. I figured they MUST have lollipops, right? Um, no. The very nice stock clerk told me the warehouse was back ordered on that item and the earliest they’d have them would be, maybe, Monday. Um, would you please explain that to the 3-1/5 yo in language that she’d understand? Because this is going to go downhill… oh, look! Jellybeans! Lil’bug, they’re out of lollipops, would you like jellybeans instead? Of course, then Scout wanted the fruit jellies and my attention was hijacked by the Dark Chocolate Roasted Pistachio Toffee. CHOCOLATE! At this point Lil’bug still hadn’t had a nap, we were very lucky to get out of there with our ear drums intact, but she happily took the offer of jellybeans instead.
  • HOME! So Scout could get ready for his baseball practice, which was rained out, because… of course! Lightning and thunder! woohoo, yawn.
  • I put together the aforementioned new laundry sorter and soon discovered that I need much more than a new sorter. H had been watching the National Geographic channel before we got home and I was soon absorbed by the dog whisperer. How is it I’ve never seen this guy before? Yes, I’ve heard of him, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually watched the show. Anyway, what I really need to tame the shrew that is my laundry pile is a Laundry Whisperer.

So, quite a productive day. I got to treat the kids and spend some fun time with them and we were purposeful in our errands so I didn’t lose them to the cranky-crabbys.


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