Posted by: ladybughugs | July 1, 2009


What does it say about me that I’m inspired to write about an anniversary that is not about my marriage? Last month H and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary and the day went unmentioned here. I took the time to tweet it. That should count for something, right?

Today I celebrate ten years working for the same company in (more or less) the same capacity. Ten years ago Scout was 10-1/2 months old. Today he’s almost eleven. Lil’bug was a hope on the distant horizon. I had been temping for more than a couple of years, the company was restructuring, many of my coworkers were going to work for another company, and there was one position open in the new structure. I applied, I interviewed, I was hired. Today, I’m working with some of the people that went with that other company. They came back as temps and then were hired on staff. They were here when I first started, fresh from our move, just after Thanksgiving in 1996.

Ten years ago we lived about 50 miles from the old building and it took me an hour and a half to drive it each way, more in the bad weather or when there was an accident or motorcycle rally. After 9/11, with H working in the city (and hour and half commute with NO traffic) and my commute just about unbearable and kindergarten for Scout looming, we decided to move closer. I decided it had to happen. H wasn’t happy about it (we built our house, we loved living there), but he saw the logic. He certainly couldn’t be there for Scout in case of emergency once he started grade school. Then he found another job, closer to home, because the commute to the city was killing him! From 50 miles closer! Crazy bus and train schedules. I was never so happy that we moved than I was last summer when gas was over $4.00/gallon.

Ten years ago we used email, but the internet was still quite young. I remember using the internet to shop online and figure out how to be a parent. Technology has come so far. PDF, ftp, xml, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah. I wonder where it will take us in another 10 years. Will books be all electronic? Will Kindle and its successors replace what we know as books and magazines and newspapers and publishing, in general?

Ten years has not been without turmoil. Fortunately, there’s been more good than bad.

I’ve had mixed emotions about today for a few months now. Part of me wanted a fuss, part of me dreaded it. I really want to celebrate with the people that have meant so much to me over the past 10 years. My former colleague, mentor, confidant, friend, sounding-board, person-who-pulled-me-back-from-the-ledge-more-than-once, who was let go earlier this year after more than 25 years of service, tops the list. She is also four states and a 13-hour drive away, so that’s not happening. I don’t feel the need to share this day with the people I’ve worked with for the past year and a half. Who have not once asked me to join them for lunch unless there was a special occasion where everyone was invited.

So, what did my company/department do to recognize this milestone? Nothing. Nada. Wait, let me go check the mail room… Yep. Nope, nothing. Yesterday we brought in breakfast goodies to celebrate a temp whose contract was up. Gave her a nice little send-off to let her know that we appreciated everything she’d done over the past year. I baked a cake, it was sweet, like Helen. This morning when I arrived I found an envelope with my name on it on my chair. Then was disappointed and touched all at the same time to find it was a card from Helen, letting me know it was a pleasure working with me and wishing me all the best. I barely knew her. I know her better now. So sweet.

Five years ago, when I’d reached my five-year mark I received a booklet from which I could choose a gift and picked out a garnet ring. Today, not even a whisper. So, now the dread continues. My manager is out this week on vacation. They have this thing here that they put up it’s red, it’s kinda’ heart-shaped, and it’s an eye sore.

“It’s tradition,” they say.

I say, “not mine,” and because I don’t subscribe to the “but that’s how we’ve always done it!” line of reasoning, I don’t feel the need to share their excitement over this hideous thing.

So WHY was I inspired to write about my anniversary today? I. Don’t. Know. I guess because it’s what I’m thinking about. Maybe because the only way this milestone will get the recognition it’s due is if I do it myself. I feel blessed. Blessed that I have a job. Blessed that I have medical/dental/vision benefits for myself and my family. Blessed that I have a 401(k) and a stock purchase plan (even if it’s feeling weak and unloved right now). Blessed that I have a safe place to work where the air might be carrying the next sniffle-&-sneeze-inducing germ, but it (probably) won’t kill me.

I generally avoid talking about work here. The thought occurred to me that folks have lost their jobs over what they posted on their sites. But really, if you saw my stats? you’d know the chance of that happening is remote. You don’t need to see the stats, just check out those comments! One on the last post, woohoo!

So, what did I do today? I cut up a debit card that had been deactivated by my bank, strew its remains in trash receptacles around the building, and activated its replacement. Good times!



  1. Congratulations on your 10 years! That’s pretty impressive. I’m closing out my 7th at this job and that surprises me. This equals the longest I’ve ever been in a job. I guess that means I’m growing up? Or something.

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