Posted by: ladybughugs | July 2, 2009

When in the Mall…

Yesterday Lil’bug and I stopped at the mall to pick up a pair of trail shoes for Scout to take to camp. Scout has baseball practice three nights this week, weather permitting, of course, and he and H are going to see the Yankees v. the Mariners on Thursday at the new Yankee Stadium. So there isn’t a lot of time to take him (and his feet) to go chasing down a pair of shoes. I had called ahead, and while they didn’t have any boys/kids shoes in the style and size we needed they did have a pair of ladies. We’ve done this before. His school shoes are a ladies, size 6, so I figured we’d be able to pull it off again. Wrong, we’ll be returning them tonight. And they don’t have the next size up, so we’ll have to order them, shipping times permitting, or spend part of the weekend chasing trail shoes.

Anyway, after completing our stated mission, I took Lil’bug to McDonald’s for a cheeseburger, her very most favorite food. She had done really well in getting ready to get out of the house quickly after oversleeping because the male members of the household snuck out without even a word of a heads-up. She deserved a treat and after pointing her in the right direction, I followed her the entire way. She knew exactly where it was in the mall and how to get there after getting out of the shoe department at Sears.

The place was almost empty. We sat at a booth next to a couple of women with a couple of kids. Lil’bug was ‘flirting’ with their little girl and the table in general. She smiled at them, they smiled at us, they were taking trips to the restroom, we made a trip to the restroom (gah! how I hate doing that when it’s just the two of out together with food on the table, gah!). They were talking amongst themselves in both English and Spanish. Every time they switched over to Spanish, Lil’bug would point it out. ‘They’re not speaking English, that’s Spanish.’ Me? I was trying to get her to speak in a lower voice, but I’m fairly sure they heard and didn’t mind or were busy trying to get their kids to eat so they could leave. I tried to distract her, get her to eat her meal and sit up instead of lying on the bench (eww!). Then they got up and left. As they got to the threshold she called after them, ‘adios’! They called back, encouraging her. They continued to wave and call ‘adios’ to her outside the glass that was the storefront to the mall. Of course, she rose to it.

She can count almost to 20 and knows most of her colors in Spanish. She knows agua and a few other words. It’s amazing to see her soak up everything they’re teaching her at preschool. She continues to surprise me with what she knows.


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