Posted by: ladybughugs | July 14, 2009


Lil’bug’s first dance class is this evening. and. I. can’t. wait! I wanted to sign her up for a short summer class before making a yearlong commitment in the fall. She is even more eager than I am to get there. When I told her a couple of weeks ago that I found a class for her she told me she didn’t want any teachers there. What is she thinking? I can’t even begin to imagine how her wheels are turning. First, she loves her preschool teacher. Okay, so that’s all I’ve got…she LOVES her teacher. Her teacher at preschool is fantastic. Why would she not want another teacher?

In the last couple of weeks, I picked up a couple of Angelina Ballerina DVDs off eBay. She. Loves. Them! She watches the live segments of the kids in their dance class very carefully, so maybe she has a better idea about what to expect. She calls it Angelina Vallerina which gave me an idea…if I sign her up for “valet” school she’d be able to do the laundry, right? Either that or park the cars.

I half-expect her to cling to me the whole time. I would not be at all surprised if she refuses to leave me to go into the class and then refuses to leave because DAAAAAANCE!

On Thursday, while waiting for Scout’s CYO basketball practice, I was sitting in the hall on a cushioned bench outside the gym reading a journal I had been given to read and give feedback. It was sad and several parts made me cry. Lil’bug noticed me wiping the tears and asked why I was crying. I told her that what I was reading was sad. From then on, whenever I wiped my eyes, she made it her mission to make me laugh or at least smile. She decided that her dancing would make me happy so every time she saw me she’d dance around in a little circle and ask me if that made me happy. Oh. my. goodness. yes! It was probably one of the cutest things either of my kids has ever done.

Just after signing her up I picked up a couple of leotards and a pair of tights at Target. I was also looking for a pair of those cute little slippers, but they didn’t have many and there were none in her size. I found them over the weekend, on the advice of a friend who has a daughter that has been dancing for about 10 years, at Payless…no less. They have A LOT of dance shoes. Tap, jazz, ballet, white, pink, black. She wanted to wear them out of the store. Can you do that? Wear ballet flats out in the parking lot? I didn’t think so, and I didn’t want to have to deal with her wanting to wear them EVERYWHERE. FOR. THE. REST. OF. THE. SUMMER. so I told her no, they were strictly for wearing inside when we get to class. This morning she was still trying to work an angle that would get her permission to wear them to camp, but took ‘no’ without too much trouble.

AND, of course, I forgot the camera. GAH!

She is missing her big brother. She keeps asking is Scout at home? when is he coming home? where is he? is he at camp? She knows all the answers. When asked she gets it right, and yet she still asks. Last night, at bedtime, she asked again, so I showed her on the calendar. Today is Monday, tomorrow is Tuesday (pointing to the little boxes as I went along), Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday he comes home! She read the “4” in 14, the “5” in 15, “6” in 16, etc. I thought that was interesting; it’s funny when you get a glimpse into how their minds work. I explained that the one in front made it “14,” “15,” “16,” “17,” and “18”. Today I took several Post-Its and put each day of the week on a separate note, in ascending order and the countdown in descending order.

Will be back with photos and an update on how our first dance class went.


  1. Well? How was Dance Class? Waiting to find out!!! You know C-boo started that way and is now the star of her school theatre group! Hope Lil’bug does well!

  2. […] is taking the girl to her first dance class this afternoon. She says she doesn’t want teachers there. 1:59 PM Jul 14th from […]

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