Posted by: ladybughugs | July 19, 2009

Tweets of the Week

Everything worth mentioning in the last week, in bullet form. A recap from Twitter and Facebook, for those not following. Will expand, in future posts, on anything by request.

• dropped the boy off for a week of sleep-away camp. hope he has fun. missing him already.
10:34 AM Jul 12th from web

• has dropped the boy back at camp, is home, and has put the girl in bed. it was a long evening. didn’t go well. I’m disappointed for him.
7:14 PM Jul 12th from web

• is mixed on the end of summer ball.
10:01 AM Jul 13th from web

• is taking the girl to her first dance class this afternoon. She says she doesn’t want teachers there.
1:59 PM Jul 14th from web

• has put the Amish Cinnamon Bread in the oven. Brigitte: don’t do the math. 4 mini-loaves instead of 2 big. Anyone interested in the starter?
7:29 PM Jul 14th from web

• is visiting the boy tonight at camp (parent’s night). Should bring a baked (store bought) treat from home, but what?
9:41 AM Jul 15th from web

• visited the boy at sleep-away camp. there may have been tears. there may have been talk about coming home tonight. God, I miss him.
7:26 PM Jul 15th from web

• sold my Medela Pump in Style this morning thru craigslist. It’s official: I’m done having kids!
10:09 AM Jul 16th from web

• is off to take the girl to the uniform store and the zoo. Can I even get from one place to the other? Better take Celeste, she’ll find it.
6:32 AM Jul 17th from web

• will be off to get the boy in an hour, laundry while he catches up on sleep, then he & H will see Harry Potter while the girl & I see Ice Age.
4:48 AM Jul 18th from web

Aviary at Turtle Back Zoo
33 minutes ago from TwitPic

• is back after more than 24 hours without cable/internet. Someone cut the cable while he was clearing vegetation around AC unit yesterday am.
31 minutes ago from web


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