Posted by: ladybughugs | July 20, 2009

Dance class

It’s difficult when you’re trying to cram more into a day than there are hours to fit everything.

I got to camp to pick up Lil’bug at 5:45. We needed to be at dance class (about two miles away) by 6:15. You think there’d be plenty of time. You’d be wrong. First, in order to get her out of camp I have to get her past clean-up…and no, clean-up is not an option. When a big tub of Legos is scattered all over the floor and one walks in to find one’s progeny a part of the scattering, it is called a life-lesson…and it is not an option. There may also have been an apology to a teacher required before we left.

Then there’s a small matter of putting some fuel in the little engine. I was hoping for something above the level of fast food. I was to be disappointed. As it turned out we didn’t even have time for fast food. After I pulled away from the drive-thru I realized they had mixed up my order and I had a fish sandwich instead of a chicken sandwich. After standing outside the drive up window (they wanted me to come inside…ha! no. I have a toddler right there in her seat in the van. and. I. am. in. a. rush. hence, the FAST FOOD!). So yeah, we can’t even go a couple of miles in a half hour without being late…and the girl was not in her dance clothes, I didn’t know exactly where I was going, and when I finally DID find it, there was no place to park and when we got inside the bathroom was occupied, forcing me to change her in the lobby/waiting area. arrrgh!

Fortunately, the woman who greeted us with a name tag for Lil’bug was sooo nice and as soon as I finished dressing her she put the name tag on her, took her hand, and led her into the studio. Lil’bug didn’t have a split second to rethink leaving me and going off to class. So I found a seat and worked on a long-overdue crocheted baby blanket. I was half-surprised that Lil’bug didn’t appear in tears, leg-leech style, breaking out of the studio.

I sat there for 40 minutes wondering if my kid was the one huddled in a mass sobbing that she didn’t want to!

At 7:00 the class was finally let out. She was beaming. Another mom, one who had entered the classroom with her unwilling little dancer before I arrived, approached me (ME!) to let me know that Lil’bug impressed her with her grasp of what was expected/required. “Had she taken any other classes,” she inquired? (Um, no.) “She’s a natural,” she gushed. Oh. my. goodness! She didn’t have to do that.

I had the toughest time convincing Lil’bug that she had to change out of her ballet slippers and back into her Crocs before we left.

I’m not sure who was flying higher as we left the studio, her for having the opportunity to take a dance class or me for the comments of the other parent. Of course I had forgotten my camera as I was rushing Lil’bug out of the house in the morning so I couldn’t take any pictures while in the studio to mark the occasion, but I did take a few (or a dozen, or two) when we got home.



DSC_0911Yes, they’re terrible and I will take my camera to the studio tomorrow to get some better shots.

So, I guess it’s official, we will be saving our pennies for dance class for the girl. This just cracks me up.


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