Posted by: ladybughugs | August 3, 2009

Tweets of the Week, 8/3

Because this format is working for me… Everything worth mentioning in the last week, in bullet form. A recap from Twitter and Facebook, for those not following. Will expand, in future posts, on anything by request.

Times, I believe, are Pacific time, because no, I was not Tweeting at 5:23 on Sunday, July 26th. 8:23 is much more reasonable.

important to know, but makes me want to scratch. oh, ick.
8:50 AM Jul 24th

• RT @lilfootsmommy – cousins sleeping together…she was amazed it worked.
5:17 PM Jul 25th from web

Me? Not so much; OK, so maybe for Lil’foot, but Lil’bug didn’t have her regular nap. Right after taking this picture we left for the movies with a side trip to Cliff’s for mint soft serve. YUM!

• is off to the movies with lilfootsmommy , Mary, and Brigitte.
5:18 PM Jul 25th from web

We saw The Proposal. Fun, though a bit predictable.

• is on a midnight caper with @lilfootsmommy. Send coffee. or wine. or both.
9:11 PM Jul 25th from web

• caper complete (more or less). off to bed, it’s going to be an early morning and a long day. ugh!
12:24 AM Jul 26th from web

We made baby blankets, similar to the one Lil’foot is attached to, to sell at a Peddler’s Market.

• wants to know who moved the 7:00 hour to immediately follow the 3:30 half hour. ugh. must. get. coffee. 5:23 AM Jul 26th from web

• 9:30-9:30 is a long day to be dealing with people’s issues. my poor feet! fireworks squeezed between a rain shower and thunderstorm. g’nite. 6:47 PM Jul 26th from web

• is going to bed early tonight. How about now? Now works for me! DRAT, the kids are still up. um? hello? isn’t it your bedtime? *sigh* 4:53 PM Jul 27th from web

No? Well, let’s just make it your bedtime for tonight.

• supposes it’s probably a good thing we didn’t know about the flash flood watch, tornado warning, and severe thunderstorm watch on Sunday.
11:44 AM Jul 28th from web

good stuff
10:40 AM Jul 29th from web

This one hit a nerve. I think I saw myself in there a few times.

• is trying to decide…for the girl (3-1/2). Mon. eve.: ballet & tap OR Sat. morn.: ballet & jazz… OR both?
12:13 PM Jul 29th from web

I think we’ve decided on the Monday evening Ballet & Tap class.

• found an article with some good tips for moms (and others)
11:18 AM Jul 30th from web

• is home after a very long day running all over the county paying bills; took the boy back to scout camp to finish the canoeing merit badge.
3:31 PM Jul 31st from web

Every. Single. Store. Card. in my wallet now has a zero balance. woohoo! We also owe NOTHING to the oil company, the accountant, the homeowners insurance company, and Lil’bug is officially registered for transitional Kindergarten, starting September 9th. The car loan is up to date.

• is very proud of the boy for finishing up his canoeing merit badge. in the rain. up hill! both ways! (figuratively, of course, but still)
3:33 PM Jul 31st from web

This one will require a post all its own. I almost went mama-bear on a counselor or two. Then I treated him to an ice cream cone at Cliff’s to celebrate his success (I had the mint soft serve, if you must know. That stuff is sooo good!)…and because we weren’t cold enough after standing out in a 70° cold rain.

• We’re home. tired. cold. wet. This is why we don’t do canoeing merit badges in April.
4:09 PM Jul 31st from web

• In case you were wondering boy scouts DO swim in the cold rain. SILLY BOYS!
4:16 PM Jul 31st from web

• is 1/2 way through painting the girl’s room. Behr Disney Color in Tinker Bell. Next up, after nap, Poohs Favorite Things, a very pale aqua.
10:27 AM Aug 1st from web

• PFT is on wall. nice! The girl is playing nicely with dolls & what was her take-along swing. amazing, batteries work! calm AFTER the storm!
1:47 PM Aug 1st from web

First time in I don’t know how long I painted a room in a house I lived in. Never painted a room before in a house I owned (almost 13 years of homeownership). Still to do: pick up another can of purple (medium) at Home Depot and paint trim (light purple) and door (medium). Also need finishing touches. Decals, maybe. Outlet and switch plate covers, definitely. Post pictures for all to see.

• can’t sleep. fingers hurt. took an aleve-type pain reliever. is thinking about what to do next to the girl’s room. trim and door colors, etc.
11:34 PM Aug 1st from web

• is back at work after a 3-day weekend. hopefully I’ll be able to relax now. it was a LOOOONG and oh so tiring weekend! go, go, go!
less than 5 seconds ago from web


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