Posted by: ladybughugs | August 11, 2009

This Week’s Tweets

Everything worth mentioning in the last week, in bullet form. A recap from Twitter and Facebook, for those not following. Will expand, in future posts, on anything by request.

Times, I believe, are Pacific time.

• could really go for a Starbuck’s iced coffee with mocha syrup right about now. Unfortunately, I didn’t drive today. So here I sit. Wishing.
10:28 AM Aug 6th from web

• Ohhh, the tease. Just got an email from Starbucks advertising $2 iced coffee after 2:00 pm. Not nice!
10:36 AM Aug 6th from web

• is home after a long commute. bailed on traffic. fed Lil’bug at Fuddrucker’s and let her play for a while. sat and chilled until traffic loosened its grip.
6:33 PM Aug 6th from TweetDeck

Truck fire on the interstate seven miles west of us snarled traffic EVERYWHERE! There was no avoiding it. H said he saw traffic in places he’d never seen traffic before.

• the interstate tonight bore a striking resemblance to Twitter today. like separated-at-birth resemblance. like parallel lives. scary.
6:43 PM Aug 6th from TweetDeck

• is testing tweetdeck.
7:16 PM Aug 6th from TweetDeck

Twitter still not feeling well.

• is excited for @SouthernSis and her job offer! She’s coming home! hmmm… she’ll need a new name. NY certainly isn’t ‘Southern,’ is it?
7:37 PM Aug 6th from TweetDeck

SouthernSis started requesting suggestions for a new screen name today.

• is falling asleep at my deskzzzz.
12:55 PM Aug 7th from web

• Just changed my twitter background, check it out!
2:21 PM Aug 7th from API

• has a full to-do list. washing my bed linens was not on the list. toddler accident. ‘nuf said. now washing sheets.
7:08 AM Aug 8th from TweetDeck

While laundry was a good portion of my to-do list, there was more than enough to keep the machines going through the weekend. I realized today that the one that suffered was the light load with the girl’s ballet outfit. She was not happy having only the black back-up leotard. Oh well.

• washing her hair in the kitchen sink to get cream cheese out was also not on my to-do list. yeah. girl: 2; mom: 0. *sigh*
7:14 AM Aug 8th from TweetDeck

• birthday gift: check. girl’s backpack and lunch box for school: check. paint for boy’s room: check. lunch: check. girl napping: check!
12:07 PM Aug 8th from TweetDeck

Pedi did not get checked off list. My Crocs Capris may disown me. Or ask that they not be seen in public with my toes until this matter is rectified.

• was back in the girl’s room with a paint brush. Behr Disney Color Dreams Come True is on the closet door. Moonlight Waltz on half the trim.
7:36 PM Aug 9th from web

The room is getting ‘there’. Still needs the trim finished, outlet and switch plate covers, and Tinker Bell detailing. In case you were wondering Tinker Bell is two words. Google thinks it’s one word. thinks it’s one word. They both ask if you mean ‘Tinkerbell’. Spell check likes the one word spelling. Disney disagrees. I think I’ll put my money on the Disney spelling.

• dropped the boy off at the library a couple of hours ago. He has my cell phone so he can call when he’s ready to be picked up. Any bets?
12:31 PM Aug 10th from web

I called him at 4:42. If I didn’t go get him then I wouldn’t make it back to camp in time to pick up the girl. He was beaming and can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

• took the girl for a quick swim and got smacked in the face for the effort. She didn’t want to leave, thought hitting was appropriate.
5:32 PM Aug 10th from TweetDeck

• the boy is back at the library this afternoon. a DIFFERENT library. he wanted to go back to the other one. I asked him to give it a chance.
about 8 hours ago from web

I think we’ve worked out a good compromise. He’s spending the mornings at my office (the girl across from me is away this week), have lunch together, and then I take him to the library for some free time to explore. Yesterday he found some Pokemon and one Animorphs and today he found more Animorphs, no Pokemon. He’s been looking for more in Erin Hunter’s Warrior’s series, but so far has found only books he’s already read.

• just got a call from the boy. He found a stack of books he wants to read and wants to return tomorrow to finish.
about 7 hours ago from web

The children’s librarian spent some time picking his brain about what books they need to order! She was nervous about letting him stay in the first place until the head librarian put her stamp of approval on it. In all fairness she is fairly new; her name tag states that she is an intern and while I’m sure he’s not the first child his age to be dropped off for some free time, it may be the first time she was asked permission by the parent.

Tomorrow Scout turns 11. Wow!

On Saturday, after dropping him at a friend’s house for a birthday/sleepover, H and I stopped at the phone store and picked up a cell phone for him. I also have a -20 rated sleeping bag and warm layering pieces purchased on clearance from Sierra Trading Post when he crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. His troop is more ‘hard-core’ when it comes to cold-weather camping. I also have the latest in Erin Hunter’s Warrior’s series for him.


  1. That’s great that he enjoyed the library so much!

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