Posted by: ladybughugs | November 4, 2009

Tweets of the Week, 11/4

Because this format seems to work. Following is a selection of tweets as seen on Twitter in the past week, or so. All times are Pacific even though I’m not in the Pacific time zone.

Saturday, October 24th.
8:01 PM: scored a home run with the boy tonight. I’m the best. The greatest. I’m thinking this may be the last time I hear that before HS graduation.

The same people who sponsor D.A.R.E. had a grant for community outreach, or some such thing. They sponsored a bowling night at the local lanes for the middle school kids. His small school had a good showing of kids. He played with a couple of boys from his class, a couple of girls in his class played in the next lane with a few girls who were in their class in kindergarten. It looked like a reunion! He had such a blast! He’s looking forward to bowling Thanksgiving weekend with his cousin and grandmother.

Tuesday, October 27th.
7:06 PM: is tired of kids getting hurt because of driver negligence. safety seats! 5pt harnesses! booster seats! SEAT BELTS! it makes me sick!

There are too many preventable accidents, the latest of which killed two girls who weren’t wearing their seat belts, because there weren’t enough in the sedan for six passengers! Here in NJ, the rule is children under eight years or eighty pounds must be in an approved child safety seat and yet, I still see children standing up between the two front seats or sitting in the front passenger seat, unbelted, with the window open!

Wednesday, October 28th.
9:28 AM: is looking for a place in the Titusville, Trenton, Princeton, Flemington area where the girl and I could kill some time on Saturday morning.

Lil’bug and I took Scout and his friends to Washington Crossing State Park to play in the woods. We had breakfast at PJ’s Pancake House across the street from Princeton U. Then we went off to WalMart to pick up the new Tinker Bell video. The coupon read “Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure”. I had to pull the video out of the bag to prove to the cashier that “…the Lost Treasure” was included in the one video and was not a required second purchase.

Another cold, wet, rainy day. And with that another little league baseball season comes to an end. We were supposed to try and make up one of the rained-out games…AGAIN! but it was not meant to be.

Thursday, October 29th.
5:02 AM: hopes my brother has a super-terrific birthday! Happy Birthday, Bro!

5:41 AM: is watching the weather forecast for Saturday. HALLOWEEN! Things are looking up! woot!

postscript: Halloween. weather forecast. FAIL!

9:51 AM: just had to ask google what time it is in Hawaii now so I’d know if it’s too early to call to wish my brother a happy birthday. *calling*

Surprisingly he answered!

10:26 AM: my kids had oatmeal for breakfast this morning and we didn’t even know it was National Oatmeal Day. Who knew we even HAD a day for oatmeal?

Friday, October 30th.
7:29 PM: long day today (morning snack in the girl’s class, magic show, craft in class, trunk n treat. Another long one tomorrow…all about the boy.

Trunk ‘n’ Treat…sooo much fun!

7:33 PM: is planning to drive a van full of boys (and my girl) tomorrow. Some of those attend the middle school where 100+ were out sick Thursday.

At the end of the day, I was supposed to drop one of the 11-yo boys off at the high school where his mother was supposed to be at the brother’s football game…or some such thing. It is not part of my make-up to drop a minor off without KNOWING a parent/guardian/caregiver/someone is IN FACT there for that CHILD! Because, to me, an 11-yo boy is still a child.

7:36 PM: and my boy was not feeling 100% this week. and he’s supposed to go play in the woods with those boys and his compass.

Fortunately, nothing developed from his general feeling of unwellness.

7:37 PM: I suggested he take the GPS and say it was his compass in its Halloween costume. (I got an eye roll. A lot of my great ideas get eye rolls.)

7:46 PM: there’s a stray lunch box that I’ve never seen, with food in it that I didn’t buy, sitting on the floor. as though it followed my kids home.

Lunch box has been reunited with its owner. On Friday, after the Trunk ‘n’ Treat, a friend’s car wouldn’t start so I drove her and her two kiddos home. The boy, Scout’s friend, left his lunch box behind opting instead to take his bag of candy from the Trunk ‘n’ Treat. We reunited him with his lunch box on Saturday morning when we met up for the trip to play in the woods.

Saturday, October 31st. BOO! AHHHHH!
12:38 PM: I drove to Princeton and back today. it’s Halloween. it’s raining. can we get a rain check on the trick or treating? I need a nap.

12:40 PM: I have $5 in Borders Bucks that expire today. Really don’t feel like going up to the mall to redeem them. Have I mentioned I need a nap?

While Lil’bug napped, I coaxed Scout out to Borders where we bought the next “Pendragon” book for him and Library Lion for her. We stopped for the traditional Halloween pizza on the way home. Pizza has never tasted so good!

Monday, November 2nd.
9:21 AM: my daughter got an unwrapped (possibly homemade?) candy apple for Halloween. I “accidentally” dropped it on the ground.

And I just can’t get over this. I’m still shaking my head. Seriously? I didn’t know this was even possible anymore! Who does this? I’m sure it was fine, but on the off chance that it wasn’t I feigned cold, slippery fingers that lost their grip on the stick. You see we couldn’t put it IN the bag of treats because it was UNWRAPPED! and STICKY! and who wants a bag full of icky, sticky candy?


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