Posted by: ladybughugs | January 4, 2010

Big Apple Adventure

What happened to December? Seems like just yesterday we were hanging out with family celebrating Thanksgiving.

December was a blur. There was so much happening, I will try to recapture some of it in the next few posts.

One thing that stood out this month was something I’d never done before. I’d been hearing about this little cookbook that one of my favorite bloggers had written based on her experience cooking for her cattle rancher husband and four punks. Perhaps you’ve heard of her? Seems like everyone in the blogisphere has. Her book tour was going to bring her within 50 miles of my little corner of the world and it seemed like it would be fun to travel into the city with a couple of friends to go meet her and get my copy of her book signed.

I don’t go into the city much. I took the two kids one day last summer because Lil’bug was bugging me about going on the train. I went with a friend in June of 2008 for a seminar. Yeah, the greatest city on earth and I get there once, maybe twice, a year.

So I reached out to a friend here, a sister there—people who I thought were familiar with her work and might be up for an adventure into the big city…and no one was available. I was bummed.

On Friday the 11th, I was off from work, goofing off, taking a vacation day, for no particular reason ’cept use-’em-or-lose-’em. The kids were in school. I ran some errands, did some light housework, nothing too extraordinary…and I was feeling kinda’ down, like I was about to miss something. I decided to call a friend that I was fairly certain had never heard of the Pioneer Woman. (She hadn’t. I explained.) I asked her if she was up for an adventure. (She was! YAY!)

There was one signing uptown on Friday night and one downtown on Saturday morning/afternoon. We decided to take Lil’bug and go for the Saturday signing and afterwards explore the surrounding areas, which neither of us had done before (my friend is not from around here, I have no excuse).

The book signing was at Chelsea Market, which I had never been to before.

We waited in line.

Lil'bug, entertained by the iPod.

I’m so glad I brought the stroller…and the iPod.

Lil'bug dancing to the music in her head.

15 minutes later:

Pretending to be asleep.

We met people we never would’ve met…

So nice meeting you!

The sling she wore him in made me want to have another, just to have a sling. (my baby slings? never worked right.)

After about an hour of waiting in line the store manager decided it would be right if those with babies were moved to the front of the line. Some took advantage. I did not. We waited our turn. …and waited. My friend went off to explore the Chelsea Market. She brought back a latte for me… and I’ve never loved her so much. She brought back tales of her adventures in the stores that caught her attention. I browsed the bookstore’s selection through the glass. …and waited.

Finally we were permitted into the store! …and made our way to the back! …and waited!

Ree, Lil'bug, and Me!

Ree was sweet and pretty and had taken the time to put makeup on. Me? I was bedraggled, windblown, up since 6:30, and no makeup. Not even lip gloss. ugh!

Beautiful. I would never take those lights down. This picture was taken on the way out. We arrived at 10:40.

This place glowed and sparkled. My picture does not do it justice.

Lunch up the street at Gotham Pizza. yum!

Poking our way through the streets of the city we found a children’s bookstore next to this place:


Scout knew we were going to a book store and asked me to pick up a book he needed for school and another one for recreational reading. The store where we’d attended the signing didn’t have the required book so we stopped in at Books of Wonder, next door to the Cupcake Cafe. They did have the book he needed, he’d have to ask Santa to pick up the other.

Union Square Market. Energetic. No pictures, too crowded…and very overwhelming for a small-town girl. When we entered Lil’bug saw the fruit & vegetable vendors and decided she wanted an apple. An apple? Really, in this cold? I tried every tactic to distract, because really, it was much too cold to eat an apple that was all but freezing, itself. No dice. When we finished at the market and sat down across the street to warm up over a cup of coffee she insisted on an apple. So I left her there with my friend and ran back across the street for one apple. 50¢. …and she ate it, nibbling and munching her way through it, little by little, until it was mostly gone!

After meandering through the stalls at the Union Square Market and our little coffee/refreshment/potty break at Starbuck’s across the street, we worked our way uptown and westward along Broadway to this building.

This building holds a special place in my heart.

Then made our way further west and north to Port Authority/Penn Station for the train ride home.

All in all, a fun day. I picked up a couple of Christmas presents for my nieces from a street vendor and a dress for Lil’bug at the Union Square Market for next summer. I controlled my impulse to buy a cup of coffee at every Starbuck’s we passed.

…and we got home in time to see Scout off on his rock wall climb/camping trip, but only just barely.


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