Posted by: ladybughugs | January 5, 2010

Lil’bug’s Christmas

Lil’bug got what she wanted for Christmas. Can you guess what it was? (Besides the coat…she didn’t ask for a coat.)

Need help?…
She got a flat iron.

H? is not so fond of it. He likes the natural curls. She loves the straight hair and the swishy pony tail.

It started last summer. We were in the mall and came upon a kiosk where they sell the flat irons. I asked the guy there if it would work on her hair, if it would damage her hair, how it works… He proceeded to demonstrate it on her hair…and she loved the result. Our next stop was the kids hair cutting place in the outer ring mall, because the number one thing tight corkscrew curls will hide is uneven ends. Straight hair absolutely does not.

Fast forward, Christmas and the day after…

BEFORE: Playing on the floor with the Zhu Zhu pets.

AFTER (before the haircut)

You’d think it would be more difficult to care for. Not really. I straighten it after washing her hair once a week and touch up in the morning during the week. With the natural curls there is an endless amount of tugging and detangling every. single. morning. and every time the comb gets through the ends, the curls spring back and tangle again. The tangles, they are never-ending.

Other reviews: some say she looks like Oprah, some say she looks like Dora.

I say she’s four going on fourteen, oh boy, I’m in for a long and bumpy ride! HOLD ON TIGHT!


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