Posted by: ladybughugs | January 15, 2010

My Reader

First, I need to preface this by saying, Scout was not reading when he finished Kindergarten. By second grade he had started reading the Harry Potter series, more than making up for lost time. Lil’bug might be reading by the time she finishes this school year…at 4-1/2.

This is not an unusual sight around these parts…

What makes it remarkable is that this was Christmas morning. Of all the cool stuff that was under the tree for him, he dove right into a book. This was the last book in the Pendragon series. He’d been whining hounding badgering me for it all month and I kept telling him, “Ask Santa.” He started reading the series at the start of the school year. He finished this book…

…and went on to the next, something in the Lightning Thief series, before the weekend was over. In the last two months he’s been through all but one of the Percy Jackson Lightning Thief books. This week he’s been begging me for the latest book, The Last Olympian, I think (I hope), because Borders (more or less across the street from my office) is holding it for me.

He insists on hard cover books. Even though I prefer the sticker price on the trade paperbacks, I can justify purchasing hardcover books because he reads them over. and over. and over, again. He carries a book with him ev-ry-where. During the five-minute drive to school? He opens his book. He doesn’t bother to pack it in his backpack, because taking it out would eat valuable time that could be spent reading. He’s read all of the Harry Potter books three times. This morning he was carrying the Brisingr book…AGAIN! I’ve lost track of how many times he’s read that series. A paperback would not hold up to that kind of mileage and the fines at the library would probably cover the expense of buying the hardcover books in the first place. However, a hardcover book a week starts to add up rather quickly. I’m starting to think we may need supplemental income just to cover his book habit. Needless to say, I was sooo happy this morning to find, on Border’s Twitter page, this link.

I think it can be used by anyone, so go, enjoy (through Monday)! I’ve subscribed to Borders email updates for quite a while, which contain coupons sometimes as high as 40% off one item. Those coupons can’t be shared…they’re coded so they only work with one Rewards Card. I fanned them on Facebook and am now following them on Twitter. I won’t pay $25 for the other retailer’s rewards program. I’ll wait, thank you very much, for the coupons to buy what we want. Why should I pay for customer loyalty perks?

I suppose it could be worse, he could have this kind of relationship with Lego which would put about eleventy-thousand little pieces in my house to bite the bottoms of unsuspecting, unshod feet. H is particularly susceptible to things jumping out and biting his feet, feline or inanimate, they all have it in for his feet. Books, in our house anyway, are more docile, somehow.

So, what would you use a coupon for 33% off any one item for?


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