About Me

So, about the name. SendChocolate.

It’s my first thought when I get stressed. Need chocolate. Who has time to go get chocolate. Send chocolate. Please? Ok, so don’t really. It would probably really wig me out. Unless you’re my mother. or sister. or husband. or kids (now wouldn’t that be sweet!).


You never know who you’ll be sitting next to and the opportunity that the conversation may present. Really, we don’t know what God has planned for us unless we open ourselves to it. I’ve met the most unlikely angels in the most unlikely places at the most unexpected times. You also never know when you might be the angel that God places on another’s path. Live. Outside the box. Outside your comfort zone.

I am…

a 40-something year old living in NJ and a

a wife to a great husband,

a mom to 1 son (8/98 ) and 1 daughter (12/05), they keep me very busy,

a human to a cat,

a daughter of a fabulous mom who I hope to be like one day,

a sister to sisters in New York and Alabama, and a brother in Hawaii,

and an aunt to 5 (4 girls and 1 boy, note to sibs: you’ve got to do something about that ratio).

A democrat. Although I’m registered independent. I reserve the right to be independent. ALWAYS! I just don’t like repulsivcans. Especially those with the last name Bush. McCain has my attention, though. I’ll be watching him.

My favorite things are…



quality time spent with my kids,

the sounds and smells of the ocean,

tiramisu and mom’s cheesecake.

Not necessarily in that order.

I watch…

Guiding Light,

Big Brother,

CSI: NY & Miami,

Brothers & Sisters,

Desperate Housewives


Jon & Kate Plus Eight (seriously, go look ’em up here, I’ll wait)

Professionally. . .

I have a full time job. I like my job. I like what I do. I like the company I work for. Really.

I also have a part time job, sometimes, when I feel like it, which is not so much anymore. I’m looking for a reason to quit. Which, all of the above? Is almost enough of a reason for me right now.

I think…

I work hard.

I always have.

I got my work ethic from my husband.

he works harder than I do (the debate about working smarter is still open).



  1. Wine and chocolate … life doesn’t get any better than that! 🙂 Hope you don’t mind if I stop by now and then to say hi 🙂

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