Posted by: ladybughugs | December 20, 2009

Christmas Cards

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday the kids had a half day of school (bah humbug to the half days), so after school I took them home to change their clothes and then to the photo studio for the annual Christmas picture and cards. The package of cards includes 25 cards. I need about 35, so I took them home and took a few *cough* dozen pictures of them hoping to get something that would be adequate. This was the first shot. It was all downhill from here.

Then they changed their clothes because last night was also the Christmas Pageant at school.


Lil’bug dressed for the Christmas Pageant at school.


Scout (left) performing in the school Christmas pageant.

Lil’bug performing in the school Christmas pageant.

She was very intent on remembering the moves.

So, this morning I uploaded the pictures from the camera to the computer, picked through them using Bridge to rate them and separate the good from the bad, using Photoshop to lighten shots that were too dark, emailed some to friends, uploaded some to KodakGallery, and ordered prints and a set of Christmas cards to be picked up at Target. Sure enough, when I arrived at Target later in the morning they were ready!

I call these my B-list Christmas cards. The studio cards will go to close family and friends and those from whom we’ve received cards consistently, the rest will get the back-up card.

Did any actually get mailed? Well, no.  I realized as I was pulling into the Target parking lot that I’d forgotten to stop at the post office…and I wasn’t up for backtracking for stamps. I had too much ground to cover before the snow started falling. I also haven’t written the update letter letting everyone know how mediocre our year was.

On the upside? The tree is up in my living room. It even has lights on it. I was determined to not repeat The Great Christmas Tree Fail of 2008. On Monday, Lil’bug and I went to pick out the tree and the boys helped us get it in the base when we got home. Tonight, Scout helped me get the lights on it after Lil’bug was in bed (she never would have had the patience to wait while we put the lights on). Tomorrow we’ll decorate it.


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